Windows decorate the facade of a residential building and improve the natural light in the rooms. But poor-quality or worn frames with sashes are one of the biggest sources of heat loss. Because of this, the cottage owner has to spend hundreds of dollars to heat the dwelling in winter and air conditioning in summer.

In Fort McMurray’s fairly harsh climate, the only way to save on utility bills with a large glazed home would be to install energy efficient windows and replace outdated wood or aluminum construction with modern PVC products.

Canadian window company North Windows Technologies by Canglow makes and installs PVC windows in Fort McMurray and other cities in the province of Alberta. Our experts make frames from profiles with a low thermal conductivity coefficient. Thanks to them and air or argon-filled multi-chambered glazing, you will significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Our products are Energy Star certified, so customers can apply for cost reimbursements of up to $5,000 from the Government of Canada for home insulation.

Signs of a poor quality frame

It is common for Alberta’s climate to experience extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year, as well as high levels of humidity. These factors take a toll on the wood windows that are often used in Fort McMurray cottages. No matter how high quality the wood is, it will gradually swell, crack and warp, making it difficult to comfortably open the sashes for ventilation.

Let’s break down the most obvious signs that indicate window breakage or wear and tear.


Replacement of old windows in Fort McMurray may be necessary if the wooden frames and sashes have changed in size and shape so that it is not possible to correct them with hand tools. If you have to push or pull the handle hard to open them, you should consider replacing the old frames with PVC products.

Vinyl windows, unlike wooden windows, retain their geometric parameters regardless of external conditions. For this they do not need to be periodically repainted, impregnated with oils or varnished. Having invested money in such a remodeling of his cottage, the owner will not have to think about the quality of windows for the next 30-40 years.


Due to intensive and careless use, wooden frames gradually deteriorate. Characteristic signs of wear and tear:

  • gaps in the places where the sashes adjoin;
  • through and through cracks on the entire surface of the wood;
  • gaps in the joints of the structure to the building envelope.

Because of such defects, cottage owners in Fort McMurray will constantly suffer from drafts and dust in the house. The cold air currents reduce the temperature in the rooms, which makes it necessary to use more gas and electricity to heat them.


Windows with high thermal conductivity are not able to resist the frost on the street in winter. The frame at subzero temperatures completely freezes, which is evidenced by the appearance of mold and fungus on the window sill, jambs and in the places of adjoining glass.

Frost on the frames indicates that most of the heat energy from the heaters or convectors is escaping into the street. The cottage owner will have to overpay for utilities, although this money could be spent on improving the energy efficiency of his home.


The accumulation of water droplets on the glass is due to the temperature difference between the outside of the house and the inside of the room. A transparent partition without air chambers cools down in winter, which leads to condensation of water vapor on it. Gradually, the water becomes too much and starts to drip onto the window sill.

This causes a few additional problems:

  • the humidity in the room increases;
  • mold and mildew appear on and near the window;
  • moisture causes windows to swell even more if they are made of wood.

Our window company does not insert single panes of glass into the frames, but double and triple glazing. Air or argon interlayers prevent the glass from cooling, so moisture and fog never appear on the glass.

Unpleasant noises

Creaking and squeaking are caused by corrosion of the hardware and contact of the window parts with each other. A serviceable design is absolutely silent, so opening and closing of the frames will not cause discomfort to people living in the house.

The sounds don’t just annoy people. They indicate the ultimate wear and tear of the frame elements. If you do not replace the windows in your home in time, the hinges or locks will break completely. Because of this, it will no longer be possible to close or open the window.

Window Catalog

North Windows Technologies by Canglow makes window constructions from polyvinylchloride profiles of well-known world manufacturers. We have our own workshops where we make frames, sashes and double-glazed windows according to the customer’s order.

Before manufacturing, our specialists visit the site, take measurements and clarify the customer’s wishes. The shape, decoration and options depend only on the customer’s wishes and the peculiarities of the house.

Check out the available options in our product catalog.

When choosing and replacing windows in Fort McMurray, pay attention to such criteria:

  • Coloring of profiles.
  • Number of panes in the package.
  • Protection against burglary.
  • Type of hardware.
  • LOE coating.

If you can’t find the right option for your home yourself, contact our customer service managers for help. They will provide the necessary advice.

What benefits the customer receives when replacing windows

Installing new plastic windows to replace worn out wooden or aluminum structures gives the client several advantages:

  • The energy efficiency of the building is increased. Reduced heat loss due to the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the profiles is clearly visible if you examine the house with a thermal imager in the infrared spectrum.
  • Utility costs are reduced. The owner will benefit from replacing old windows in the house a month after the work is completed. Regardless of the time of year, he will save significantly on energy costs.
  • Window maintenance costs are reduced. Plastic structures do not need to be painted and constantly restored by experienced carpenters. PVC profiles retain their characteristics until the end of operation.
  • The convenience of operating the sashes increases. Special hardware and handles allow you to open the windows horizontally or for ventilation. We also offer products with a special ventilation system for attics.
  • The service life of the structures is increased. Even in Fort McMurray’s harsh climate, frames will not crack or warp during use. The owner will not have to replace them for at least 30 years.
  • The market value of the home increases. Energy efficient construction is in high demand, which will increase the price of the cottage when it is sold. The money invested in the purchase of new windows will be fully recouped.
  • The attractiveness of the cottage for buyers or tenants is increased. PVC windows will update the facade and make the appearance of the dwelling more modern. It will stand out against the background of other buildings on the street, so the search for clients for sale or rent will not take long.

The cost of replacing your home windows depends on the size of the order, the number of frames you purchase, their size, and other factors.

When you sign a contract, our engineers will draw up an estimate for the manufacture and installation of the frames. The money invested in window replacement can be considered an investment that will allow you to save for many years and profitably sell the cottage when you decide to move to a more comfortable home.

Buying windows at North Windows Technologies by Canglow

Our window company will install new frames and doors in Fort McMurray within a few weeks of placing your order. You can apply online or come to our Edmonton office. Our managers will familiarize you with completed projects, window specifications, help you make a selection and prepare documents.

We also offer convenient and favorable financing options. With our partners’ programs, you can install new PVC windows in your home without making a full payment. Loan repayment takes place over 1-2 years. During this time, you’ll save extra money on your heating and air conditioning bills.

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