For most people, their home is probably their most prized possession. This is the place where you and your family will spend the majority of your time. Your home will provide safety, security, and be the place where you make memories that will last a lifetime. One of the best ways to invest in this asset is to incorporate better windows.


Windows come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. If your home is in need of a makeover, then you should definitely consider going this route. If you’re not sufficiently educated in home-restorative work, then you’ll need to consult with a professional. Before you, If you reside in or around Edmonton, Alberta then you’re in luck.

What Does North Tech Windows Doors Have to Offer?

North Tech is your one-stop shop for all things that are related to windows. Take a look at some of the trendy windows we’re able to offer to take your home renovation to the next level.

Bay Bow windows are fan-favorites thanks to their fixed design. These windows are great for bringing in more natural lighting. Every home has at least a few dark areas, so why not lighten things up. The Bay and Bow windows are hinge-free, and their mechanics are very simple. Since having a fixed-casement architecture, these types of windows aren’t designed to be opened and closed as they’re perfectly constructed to only pull in light. Your home will receive better aesthetics in the process thanks to the windows’ array of designs.

Awning windows are energy efficient thanks to their phenomenal structure. These windows aren’t to be confused with standard canvas and metal windows. North Tech does a great job of developing its awnings because you’ll get great aesthetics and even better ventilation. Awnings can be substituted for casement windows, especially when it comes to small spaces. These state-of-the-art windows will pull in light, which will allow for better insulation during the winter.

Canglow double-hung windows are another great choice for homeowners. These particular windows are very popular throughout Canada. North Tech has implemented some unique weather-stripping technology into its design. This weather-stripping technology allows for more fresh breezes to come into the home. During the cold-weather months, the windows do a phenomenal job of keeping the cold breezes out. The Canglow double-hung windows from North Tech are multi-directional and they come in a myriad of custom designs. Since they’re multi-directional, the windows are very easy to clean.

Why Choose North Tech for Window Installation?

North Tech Windows Doors is a top-tier general contractor in Edmonton and it has been doing so for many years. The company specializes in window and door installation by using the most cutting-edge technology. This is no fly-by-night business. North Tech Windows Doors is your window installation company in Edmonton. Building long-term relationships with the clients are what homeowners will find here.

North Tech is a standout because it offers superior customer service, it has a wide array of products to choose from, and it covers a large geographical area.

Having durable and strong windows can provide peace of mind. Edmonton can have brutal weather throughout the year, especially in the winter months. In the winter, keeping heat inside of the home is the end goal. If your home’s internal heat is seeping out, then you’re definitely burning your money without even knowing it.

The same thing goes for the warm-weather months. Keeping the heat out while retaining cool-interior temperatures is the goal. If external heat is creeping in, then you can best believe that your home’s coolness is leaking out. Your home’s windows probably occupy between 15 – 20 percent of your home’s surface area. Well-insulated windows provide better heating and cooling savings throughout the year. Check out the report on home-energy savings here.

What Makes North Tech Different for Installation Purposes?

North Tech analyzes each and every window installation because everyone’s goal is different. Our technicians are well-trained to handle a variety of window installation treatments. An initial consultation is the first step of the process. This will give the technicians all of the necessary information to complete the best possible work.

One of the best features here is that this company provides a free consultation at your home. Your personal lifestyle, your home’s theme, and your personal taste will go into the production of the windows. Deadlines are always met and any debris will be removed after the project is completed. We’ll even provide post-installation care.

For more information, please call North Tech Windows Doors at (587)-408-3181 or contact us here.

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